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Doctorate at the Faculty of Engineering Science

Online Registration

Welcome to the Online Registration page for a doctorate at our at our faculty.

The online registration is the first step of the application for acceptance of the doctorate at our faculty (§ 4 (3) of the doctoral degree regulations).

For a complete registration the contact and personal data have to be provided according to the German Higher Education Statistics Act (HStatG). For more information click here.

Enrolment in Doctoral Studies also requires a complete registration.
Please note: If you are already registered at the UBT Graduate School or if you have been considered in former statistical surveys and you register online with the identical bt-identification all data will be kept and you are not going to receive an e-mail notification of the faculty or supervisor.A completed registration is also a prerequisite for enrollment as a doctoral student.

Link to Registration

To get access to the registration portal a valid bt-identification of the IT service centre of the University of Bayreuth is required.

If you have registered before, please click on LOGIN in the top right-hand corner.

You do not have a valid bt-identification?

For the registration without a bt-identification you get access to the system by naming your e-mail address, forename, surname as well as the name of your supervisor on the following website:

Link to Autoreg

The system is sending a confirmation including a link which has to be opened. Now you will be compiled as a user. Login and password will be sent to you by e-mail.

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